PVC Brittle Label (White, Gold/Silver, Hologram)

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PVC Brittle Label (White, Gold/Silver, Hologram)


A PVC label, often called a brittle or breakable PVC label, serves a dual purpose, functioning not only as a conventional label but also as a security feature. These labels are uniquely versatile, making them ideal for various applications. One critical classification for PVC labels is their adhesive strength, categorising them as edge-pulling or non-edge-pulling types. Edge-pulling PVC labels exhibit a specific kind of adhesive bond, ensuring they can be easily removed without damage, while non-edge-pulling labels offer enhanced security by resisting tampering. This adaptability and dual functionality make PVC labels a valuable choice in various industries, combining practicality with security.



Width / MM : 1070MM

Length / M (3 ‘ core) :400M

Remark * Cutting or rewind service is available for specific width