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Security labels are also known as tamper-evident labels. Security labels are designed to protect your brand from any reputation damage by providing the packaged goods or products with a special tamper resistant feature. The “VOID/HONEYCOMB” tamper evidence will be triggered when the surface of the security label is removed or tampered with. This leaves evidence and thus acts as a warning that the goods or product was tampered along the way. Security labels are perfect to protect a brand’s reputation by alerting any unauthorized tampering, brand fraud, product counterfeiting, and more. The security tape labels do not leave any residue on the surface when peeling.

Ae-tronics is a security label supplier in Malaysia providing high quality security label and tamper-evident label products. Our security labels include polyester imprintable tamper evident honeycomb label and PVC brittle label that is available in a variety of colours. As the leading security label supplier in Malaysia, contact us now to protect your brand’s reputation with our security label products.

  • Polyester Imprintable tamper evident void wording Label

  • PVC Brittle Label (White, Gold/Silver, Hologram)